domingo, 22 de enero de 2012

D´Angelo: Before and after

Hace tiempo que no hacia un antes y después pero aqui os traigo uno de los ejemplo más tristes ya que D´Angelo era uno de los tios más buenos del universo.....cosas que pasan....
I do not have long to a before and after but here I bring one of the saddest example as D'Angelo was one of the nicer guys in the universe ..... things happen ....


Como siempre hay que quedarse con lo bueno del pasado os dejo el video más sexy de D´angelo. DISFRUTEN
As always you have to keep what is good in the past I leave the most sexy D'angelo´s video. ENJOY


por Superblondeep

4 comentarios:

  1. ostia vaya cambio! jaja qué fuerte, pobre... xDD
    un beso!

  2. oh my oh my but he was still fine as hell though!! i suppose life takes its toll on us some times!! well hes still living!

    hope your cool hun!!


    Monzie xx

  3. OMG!!!!! If I were drinking right now, this would be a typical moment that I would go like "BBBBBRBRRRRRRRRRR" *spitting my drink* dear wtf happened to him?

  4. I don´t know! I guess that fame is very hard! hahaha