jueves, 9 de junio de 2011

Kanye West - Gold Digger ft. Jamie Foxx

Este tema me encanta y queria compartirlo con vosotros. Se trata de Kanye West con Jamie Foxx sampleando al gran Ray Charles!! Se puede pedir más? Si, los chicos y chicas que les gusten la mujeres macizas estan de suerte, porque se puede pedir más: todo esto más lindas chicas semi desnudas! Y para quienes nos gustan los lindos chicos, Kanye y Jamie no tienen desperdicio...y ademas buena musica...Superblondeep sabe lo que os gusta...hehehhe que disfruten :)
I love this topic and wanted to share with you. This is Kanye West with Jamie Foxx sampling the great Ray Charles! You can ask for more? Yes, boys and girls who like the solid women are lucky because you ask for more: all this most beautiful half-naked girls! And for those of us nice guys like Kanye and Jamie is no waste ... and also good music ... Superblondeep know what you like ... hehehhe enjoy:)

por Superblondeep

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  1. lol, i love this song - it's so catchy!

  2. really like the song!
    they are amazing right?

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